How to Delete WhatsApp Videos?

WhatsApp is a proprietary, cross platform smartphone messaging application. This app lets you send text messages, photos, video and audio via their data connection, which is a cheaper alternative to using short messaging service(SMS) or multimedia messaging service(MMS). This application is available for all Smartphones of any brand such as Samsung, HTC, Micromax, Sony etc. Using the built-in editing controls managing and deleting your conversations within WhatsApp is fairly simple. WhatsApp has revolutionized the way you share media with your family and friends. The WhatsApp compression engine that compresses the size of the images and videos before sending them has truly made an impact for people on slower and limited data plans.

Although WhatsApp compresses the media files, after prolonged use these files start taking a lot of storage memory and may affect your Smartphone performance. People with expandable memory slots might not care, but people who are on a limited internal memory want to reclaim the space by getting rid of these WhatsApp files to keep their Smartphone run stable and faster. So it becomes necessary to delete WhatsApp videos and audio files. WhatsApp uses dedicated folders on your phone memory to store media files, which are stored under your SD card/WhatsApp/Media folder. This folder again contains sub-folders for audio, images, video and voice. Using this method you can delete particular type of media files like video or the voice files for WhatsApp. For example, to delete WhatsApp videos you can simply select the WhatsApp video folder and delete it.

Many of them don’t know how to delete videos, images etc that are shared through WhatsApp. Even if you delete pictures from WhatsApp, still you might miss some photos. So, the best way is to use powerful and reliable Remo MORE Software to clear WhatsApp videos effectively so that no recovery software can recover those videos,

How Remo MORE Software is useful?

  • You can selectively delete past videos and audios from WhatsApp.
  • You can delete much of the junk stored on WhatsApp even if you don’t know the location of it.
  • You can delete all images downloaded through WhatsApp even if you don’t know the images location and can clear voice messages from your WhatsApp application.

Thus, Remo MORE Software is regarded as the best solution to clear WhatsApp videos. Remo MORE Software is available for free to clear WhatsApp videos, audio, pictures etc. With the help of this software, you can clear all WhatsApp video files and get more space on phone SD card. It is capable of identifying video files and directories created by WhatsApp on your phone SD card and can free up the valuable space on it by removing all useless WhatsApp files. Using this software you can get rid of all junk items such as images, consume lot of space on your phone and utilize more resources possibly making your phone run slowly as every time you start your phone, it scans all the images and takes more time to open gallery. This software effectively works on all Smartphones having any version of Android Operating System.

Steps to Clear WhatsApp Videos using Remo MORE Software:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software and Run the software. From the welcome Window, select “Optimize” option and then select "WhatsApp Cleaner" option to delete WhatsApp videos.

How to Delete WhatsApp Videos? - Welcome Window

Figure 1: Welcome Window

Step 2: From the next WhatsApp Cleaner Window select "Video" option and proceed.

How to Delete WhatsApp Videos? - Select Video

Figure 2: Select Video

Step 3: Now you have to select any one from “Inbox” or “Sent”.

How to Delete WhatsApp Videos? - select Anyone

Figure 3: Select Anyone

Step 4: Then choose the files that you wish to remove and click on “Delete”.

How to Delete WhatsApp Videos? - select Files

Figure 4: Select Files