Android SD Card Recovery

Media files on your Android SD cards may get deleted suddenly due to certain reasons. If you are an Android mobile user then you must have faced this situation. You will be perplexed for a while when you come across such a situation. The reasons which might have lead to the deletion of SD card files are many. No doubt that your SD card corruption is one among those factors, which can be held responsible for deleting the important photo or video files from the Smart Phone. Though the SD card in your Android device is capable of storing more number of images or videos in it, it fails in protecting those saved files. This is a major drawback of Secure Digital cards.

The data such as pictures, videos and music files are not at all secure in the SD cards. At any point of time you may lose all your memory card data due to corruption. It feels very bad when you lose all your priceless photos or videos from your Smartphone. If you have a backup of all the saved memory card files then you are on a safer side. Unfortunately if you didn’t create any backup and if your Android memory card gets corrupt then you will lose all the stored media files from your Android phone. In this particular situation, there are chances of recovering deleted Android data by using Android SD card recovery software. By using SD card recovery Android software, it is possible to recover Android SD card files quickly and safely. For a secure and quick recovery of deleted files from Galaxy S2 Phone memory card, the best way is to go here - Among the latest Android Smartphones, Galaxy Nexus is also the one that has gained more popularity. If you have deleted or lost pictures from Galaxy Nexus then by using Android Recovery Software, you can recover pictures from Galaxy Nexus Android Smartphone with utmost ease.

Secure digital card corruption is one among the different causes for deletion of Android files. Some other causes are human errors, improper ejection of card from host device, sudden shutdown of the host device while files are being transferred etc. While files are being transferred from SD card to the computer or vice versa if power fails and the computer shuts down suddenly then your SD card will get damaged. This in turn will delete the important images or other popular media files from your Android phone which is connected to your computer. When you lose your files in such a situation you can always use SD card recovery Android program to restore deleted Android video files such as MOV, M4V etc. You can get more information on deleted video recovery from Android, by visiting the page -

In some situations where you delete your Android memory card files accidentally, undelete data Android can be used to restore accidentally deleted Android files in just few minutes. By using undelete data Android one can safely recover Android SD card of any kind such as SDHC, SDXC, SD, MicroSD, MicroSDHC, miniSD, miniSDHC cards etc. It is possible to perform SD card recovery Android and get back all deleted or lost photos or other media files from a formatted SD card, with the help of undelete data Android tool.

To undelete files from Lenovo, Karbonn A1+, Micromax A25, Karbonn A15 etc. Android Smartphones, you can make use of this effective software. You can also find more information on how to retrieve accidentally deleted Android photos by going through the page - Now let us recover Android SD card by using undelete data Android software.

Android SD Card Recovery:

Follow the steps given below to restore Android SD card

Step 1: Connect your Android phone to the system. Download and then install undelete data Android in your system. Once the tool is launched choose "Recover Deleted Files" option from the main screen as shown in Figure 1.

Android SD Card Recovery - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: From this step choose your Android SD card from where you deleted all your photos or video files as shown in Figure 2. As soon as you select the card scanning process will begin.

Android SD Card Recovery - Select Physical Drive

Figure 2: Select Physical Drive

Step 3: Immediately after the completion of the scanning process you can view the recovered SD card files. After previewing you can buy undelete data Android if you are happy with its performance.

Android SD Card Recovery - List of Recovered SD Card Files

Figure 3: List of Recovered SD Card Files