How to Recover HTC Data?

HTC is an excellent Android based Smartphone, which is liked by many people. Android is an Operating System, which is designed for Smartphone with touch screen. As Android is open source platform, which allows modifying its software code which made many creative people to create and develop many apps and distribute worldwide. Nowadays, Android has become the most preferable OS for Smartphones, as it is user friendly and many free apps are available. HTC is one among those Smartphones that uses Android as its Operating System.

HTC Android phones uses two types of storage involved in Android; one is internal memory and another is external. External memory is available by use of memory card. Data can get deleted or lost on both internal and external memory. Now, you will be stuck with a big question on your mind on how to recover HTC data? But don’t worry! You can recover HTC data using powerful Android Recovery Software. Before that,

Scenarios for HTC Data deletion or loss:

  • When data is infected by virus or malware
  • Accidental format of memory card
  • Improper Ejection of memory card
  • Corruption of Operating system
  • Improper handling of cell phone and memory card
  • Abrupt or abnormal phone switch off
  • File system corruption of memory card
  • When phone display white or blank screen or sometimes showing Unsupported File system
  • If backup is not taken prior to software upgradation then there might be possible chances of losing data

When the above mentioned scenarios occur there is need of recovery of HTC data. Memory card is best known for its portability and their wide ranges of size which makes it a probable selection as a storage device in nowadays Smartphones.

Now, one of the common question which arises in your mind is, “How recovery is possible?” Recovery is possible because whenever any image, file or data is deleted from memory card or internal memory only the reference or address of the data gets deleted and the actual data will still be residing on memory card or internal memory. So by making use of advanced recovery software, the deleted data can be recovered back. Hence, you can recover HTC data using Android Recovery Software.   

Accidental deletion cannot be avoided but there are possible situations by which you can recover HTC data. So the data can be recovered by making use of an advanced recovery tool which can ease your life by recovering you precious data. Android Recovery Software is one such specially designed app which can recover your data from any Android phone. The app deeply scans both the external (memory card) and internal memory of your HTC Smartphone. It recovers lost files, deleted files and APK (Android application package) files. This app is loaded by many features.

The recovery software for Android HTC is easy to use as it is user friendly, and the software takes very less time to recover your deleted data with just few clicks. Android Data Recovery Software which is the most recommended HTC mobile data recovery software that uses its powerful scanning algorithm to recover HTC data either deleted or lost. It supports Android SD Card recovery, CF Card, XD Card, Smart Media, Memory Stick and MMC Card etc. and various file formats (example: JPEG, RAW, GIF ETC). This software is compatible to perform HTC recovery data process on all the latest Android versions.

After recovery is completed the recovered data can be saved to any other safer location for any further use. This effective recovery software will also allow you to recover photos from LG Optimus Android phone in just a matter of time. By making use of Android recovery software, which is the best HTC recovery software the actual data will be intact, preview option is provided where a user can have a view on recovered data prior to restoration. Also, Save Recovery session option is provided to save a separate recovery session to avoid rescanning of memory card in future. This software also helps you to know about how to recover deleted apps on Android that is deleted due to various reasons within minutes. These were some of the features of Android recovery software which makes it one of the preferred software to perform even HTC data recovery process.

Useful Tips:

  • Remove memory card safely whenever a card is connected to computer or other device.
  • Avoid saving the recovered data on to same storage place.
  • Avoid periodical reformat of memory card.

Steps to perform HTC recovery data process using Android Recovery Software:

Step 1: Connect HTC Android phone to your computer with a USB cable and Select UMS mode. Download and Install the demo version of the software and Run the software. From the main screen select “Recover Files” option and then from the next screen select any of the option among “Recover Deleted Files” and “Recover Lost Files” options to perform HTC data recovery based on your requirement.

How to Recover HTC Data? - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Now, the software scans and displays a list of drives including HTC choose the particular HTC drive from which you need to recover data and click on “Next” button.

How to Recover HTC Data? - Select Logical Drive

Figure 2: Select Logical Drive

Step 3: Once the scanning process is completed, you can view the recovered data in two different views i.e. “Data Type View” or “File Type View” using “Preview” option and then “Save” the recovered data to your desired location on computer.

How to Recover HTC Data? - Preview Screen

Figure 3: Preview Screen