Undelete Android album

Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system. It is an open source operating system created by Google for Android smart phones and tablets. It supports various applications, available through the Android Play Store. Android smart phones are the heart beats of today’s young generation. After the launch of Android smart phones, it has replaced all other phones in the market. Everyone wants to own an Android smart phone, because it is equipped with good features. It is multitasking and multifunctional, capable of performing several tasks simultaneously. But all this features doesn’t make a secure phone.

People who are new to this platform, often suffers from loss or deletion of data from Android phones. However, let us consider a scenario where you may delete an album from the Android smart phone. You would have downloaded many photos and music from the internet and saved it in a single album. While deleting some unwanted albums from your Android smart phone to free up the disk space, you will accidentally delete the album which you require. Is it possible to get back deleted android albums? But there are many circumstances where you may lose or delete your album.

General scenarios where you may lose or delete the album:

  • While transferring albums from your Android smart phone to PC, there are chances of losing it. It becomes really frustrated when you lose your precious album collection.
  • The memory card of your Android phone may get corrupted due to virus infection where you may lose the album. This is a common issue.
  • You may lose your album due to abrupt corruption of Android Operating System. 
  • You may lose albums by restoring the Android device to its factory setting.


Relax! Don’t get tensed. You might have thinking how to recover deleted android album. Well, there is a solution. You can use Undelete Data Android Software to recover deleted android album from your Android smart phone and also you can recover data from Android tablet.


Salient Features of Undelete Data Android software:

The Undelete Data Android is powerful software which helps you to retrieve deleted Android albums and is simple to use. The software efficiently scans the entire phones internal and external memory to find deleted data. It is virus free and has simple user interface. It can recover all music, image and video file including .apk files. It can rescue Android data loss due to deletion, factory settings restore, ROM flashing etc.

This software does not modify any data while recovering. It restores all the deleted and lost data in a safe location for reusing it later. It allows you to recover corrupted Android SD card in an efficient way. To perform recovery of SD card, it creates a replica image of SD card.


Steps to Recover Deleted Android album:

Step1: Download and install the software on your PC. Connect Android smartphone to your system. Manually launch the software and select “Recover Deleted Files" or "Recover Lost Files” option from the first screen.

Undelete Android album  - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: Once the Android smartphone gets detected the software displays a screen with a list of drives including Android smart phone. Select the Android drive and click on “Next” option to proceed.

Undelete Android album  - Select Android smart phone

Figure 2: Choose Android smart phone

Step3: The software scans the drive and provides you with a list of restored albums. Select the data, preview it and save it on any desired location.

Undelete Android album  - Saving Recovered albums

Figure 3: Preview Recovered data

Tips and suggestions:

• Backup all your Android data to an external storage device such as pen drive, CDs or DVDs.

• Don’t remove your android smart phone abruptly during transfer process.

• Install updated antivirus software to overcome from virus.